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I have two weeks in Italy, what should I see?

I get a version of this question often. It’s usually a rambling, excited facebook message, chaotic, happy and a little bit naive, like a puppy greeting you at the door. “So, me and [insert friend, lover, brother, family, stranger here] … Continue reading

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Moving into Our New House, in Numbers

I’ve always been quick to acclimate to change. For new situations, new locations or, in this case, new homes, I ride my emotional roller coaster then move on, taking the change as a normality. It’s officially been a week since our … Continue reading

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On Moving, Again

I didn’t even see the apartment in Monza before we moved in. Desperately trying to finish school and save money, searching for an apartment overseas was not the easiest. Seeing that we were lagging, Marco’s mom served as our realtor, finding for-rent signs … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: Colle Val d’Elsa, Tuscany

Colle Val d’Elsa is perched on the hill directly across from the much more famous neighboring hill of San Gimignano in Tuscany. We chose Val d’Elsa as our base point for a few days in Tuscany, but ended up staying right … Continue reading

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So Like, How Did You Guys Meet Anyway?

If there’s ever a question Marco and I get asked more than the famous, “So like, what language do you guys talk to each other in anyway?” it would be how we met. It makes sense. It’s not so common to … Continue reading

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Me, Italy and Our Ever-Changing Relationship

My relationship with Italy has changed since I first came to study in Florence. It’s changed since I returned unprepared and since I started commuting back and forth as I fell in love with both my now-husband and the country. After … Continue reading

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On Choosing to Just Stay Put

I love to travel. Like most of you I’m sure. I love to read about travel, to watch movies about travel and to hear about other’s travels. I plan imaginary journeys for three, 5 or 14 day trips in the event … Continue reading

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