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My Christmas Back Home, in Numbers

Sometimes trips are such a whirlwind, it seems impossible to describe it in words. Like a hazy dream or a night spent with too many drinks, you only can recall bits and pieces, a scene here, a scene there. Like … Continue reading

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I have two weeks in Italy, what should I see?

I get a version of this question often. It’s usually a rambling, excited facebook message, chaotic, happy and a little bit naive, like a puppy greeting you at the door. “So, me and [insert friend, lover, brother, family, stranger here] … Continue reading

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St. Francis of Assisi and The Wolf of Gubbio

After 13 years of Catholic school and growing up in a Catholic Italian-American family in the Midwest, I feel I’m pretty knowledgeable about the teachings, stories and history of catholicism. Then, I traveled to Italy and realized I know nothing about Catholicism. On a … Continue reading

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The Best Events This December in Milan

Out of all of the towns in Italy, I love Milan for December. The sometimes-dreary city completely lights up during Christmastime and fills with decorations, Christmas lights, and store windows that seem more like works of art than simply advertisements. The crisp … Continue reading

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An Ode in Prose to my Umbrian Panino

Oh! To my Umbrian panino. A panino only found safely tucked away in the small, yet cosmopolitan town of Assisi. A surprise gem. A saint in our long day. In our constant quest to avoid the tourist traps, we shunned a … Continue reading

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