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Italians in London

Marco and I were walking briskly through Hyde Park in London, arms linked and heads ducked against the wind, when a middle-aged man stopped us with a warm, “buongiorno!”.  He heard us talking in Italian and was thrilled by the … Continue reading

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On Living Your Own Life

The other day I bought knives. Knives.   What’s worse is that I used supermarket points to buy them. We asked around, gathered points from our sister-in-law and our housekeeper. Our part-time housekeeper. Our very very occasional housekeeper (ok okay, my … Continue reading

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Snapshots of London

Snapshots of London, England: Just a tiny bit of time for a whole-lot-of-city.  Highlights include:  1. Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery Trafalgar Square is an enormous public square at the intersection of three streets. With the Nelson column rising up … Continue reading

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