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Moving on Up

Some of you may know of my incessant list making. My multiple New Year’s Resolution posts might have given you some idea (like this one…or this one…or…this one.) I like lists to help clear my mind. To give my constant … Continue reading

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Italians in London

Marco and I were walking briskly through Hyde Park in London, arms linked and heads ducked against the wind, when a middle-aged man stopped us with a warm, “buongiorno!”.  He heard us talking in Italian and was thrilled by the … Continue reading

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On Living Your Own Life

The other day I bought knives. Knives.   What’s worse is that I used supermarket points to buy them. We asked around, gathered points from our sister-in-law and our housekeeper. Our part-time housekeeper. Our very very occasional housekeeper (ok okay, my … Continue reading

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Snapshots of London

Snapshots of London, England: Just a tiny bit of time for a whole-lot-of-city.  Highlights include:  1. Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery Trafalgar Square is an enormous public square at the intersection of three streets. With the Nelson column rising up … Continue reading

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A Love Letter to My Home

It’s gray where I live. In the autumn and winter it’s usually misting, if not pouring down rain, resembling London more than the fertile hills of Brianza.  It’s not necessarily beautiful. I drive parkway past large gray warehouse-style buildings. The gray paint even darker from years of … Continue reading

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How to Marry an Italian

Finally, what you’re all coming to this blog to find out: How to find and marry an Italian. I did it. Here’s how you can, too! First, woo him with your exotic American ways When I first arrived in Italy I … Continue reading

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This Your Home Now by Mark Doty

Travel is a leap into the unknown. It’s a willingness to accept what the world throws at us as we leave our familiar setting. Sometimes, as Mark Doty notes in his poem, this can be unsettling. Sometimes we can lose our … Continue reading

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