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Falling in Love With Italy, Imperfections and All

“Other than the culture, which is beautiful for sure,” the question from a ‘Catherine’ on the online expat forum began, “why would a non-Italian national want to subject herself to the hassle, inefficiencies, high inflation and debt, illegal immigrants and … Continue reading

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Escape The Daily Grind With Microadventures

Though I’m always dreaming of my next trip, I view traveling as more than just constant movement. I travel through reading, through writing, through cooking. I travel for weeks or just for weekends. I travel for days or just for … Continue reading

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Midwest vs. Italy: We’re not in Kansas anymore…

It’s easy to think that life between Italy and the United States isn’t so different. Both are first world countries, both are Western, relatively well off and relatively educated. With the safety net of Italian family abroad, it’s easy to … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Fail Your Study Abroad in Florence

1) Never leave your apartment So studying abroad is harder than you expected. Navigating the streets, the language and the rain is exhausting. It’s better to just stay inside, right? Looking back on my study abroad experience, I’m shocked at how … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Mr Nutella

Michele Ferrero, owner and founder of the namesake Ferrero confectionary group, passed away February 14 at the age of 89. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems appropriate that the man who brought us Nutella would pass away on Valentine’s … Continue reading

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