Moving on Up

Some of you may know of my incessant list making. My multiple New Year’s Resolution posts might have given you some idea (like this one…or this one…or…this one.)

I like lists to help clear my mind. To give my constant stream of thoughts some order. My lists are to do lists, ideas, book titles but in whatever form they’re all basically one simple thing: goals. 

In this year’s goal of growing my freelancing business, I had a specific task to remake this blog. As I write more and more about Italy for other clients and publications, I didn’t want to forget about From Italy, With Love. Though it’s just a small project, it’s something I do purely for personal joy – because I like it! – and I don’t have any plans on giving that up just yet. 

So after school finished for summer I finally got to work teaching myself about URLs, hosting sites, and exporting existing WordPress sites. I researched prices and styles, fonts and designs, and though all of this might be a piece of cake for many, for me it was all wildly new and difficult enough! 

With that said, I’m happy to say that From Italy, With Love has officially moved. It now has it’s very own new and improved location at

For those who have followed me, I hope you’ll continue on to the new site, where I plan on continuing my regular Monday posts, along with some fun extras! Be sure to follow the new url so that new posts continue to show up in your RSS feeds or emails and comment, like or contact me with any thoughts on the change!

Mostly a travel blog, my goal has always been to support the curiosity, drive and motivation to learn new things that travel brings. I can only hope I continue the momentum, and that you follow me for the ride! 

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