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Italians in London

Marco and I were walking briskly through Hyde Park in London, arms linked and heads ducked against the wind, when a middle-aged man stopped us with a warm, “buongiorno!”.  He heard us talking in Italian and was thrilled by the … Continue reading

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A Love Letter to My Home

It’s gray where I live. In the autumn and winter it’s usually misting, if not pouring down rain, resembling London more than the fertile hills of Brianza.  It’s not necessarily beautiful. I drive parkway past large gray warehouse-style buildings. The gray paint even darker from years of … Continue reading

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How to Marry an Italian

Finally, what you’re all coming to this blog to find out: How to find and marry an Italian. I did it. Here’s how you can, too! First, woo him with your exotic American ways When I first arrived in Italy I … Continue reading

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Psst, Hey You – Ever Wonder Why We Love Art?

I’ve never been “trained” in art. I went to many a museum with no idea how to look at the pieces, what to do, or where to put my hands.  Raised in Columbus, Ohio, my family eschewed art for sports … Continue reading

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My Big Fat Italian-American Easter

I’ve always considered Easter as a quintessentially Italian holiday.  Most likely because it was one of the only holidays hosted at our house, organized primarily by my exaggeratedly Italian-American father. He did it like his parents did, which meant tablecloths, family, … Continue reading

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Falling in Love With Italy, Imperfections and All

“Other than the culture, which is beautiful for sure,” the question from a ‘Catherine’ on the online expat forum began, “why would a non-Italian national want to subject herself to the hassle, inefficiencies, high inflation and debt, illegal immigrants and … Continue reading

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Midwest vs. Italy: We’re not in Kansas anymore…

It’s easy to think that life between Italy and the United States isn’t so different. Both are first world countries, both are Western, relatively well off and relatively educated. With the safety net of Italian family abroad, it’s easy to … Continue reading

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