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There’s No Such Thing as Italian Food

People love Italian food. I love Italian food! The thing is, talk with any Italian and you’ll start to learn that the cuisine is a bit more intricate than just “mmmm. pizza!” or “gelato at all hours of the day!” … Continue reading

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Summertime in Ohio

It’s summertime! Here the weather has significantly warmed, the pool is set up and our summer plans are being finalized. I just wrapped up my first full year of teaching and though I have some articles to write and private … Continue reading

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Moving into Our New House, in Numbers

I’ve always been quick to acclimate to change. For new situations, new locations or, in this case, new homes, I ride my emotional roller coaster then move on, taking the change as a normality. It’s officially been a week since our … Continue reading

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On Moving, Again

I didn’t even see the apartment in Monza before we moved in. Desperately trying to finish school and save money, searching for an apartment overseas was not the easiest. Seeing that we were lagging, Marco’s mom served as our realtor, finding for-rent signs … Continue reading

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Life Abroad: Surviving the Italian Post Office

It’s no secret that the Italian post office is hell. Small boxed-shaped buildings, the ufficio postale replaces flames with little old ladies, torture with numbered tickets and inefficiency. Then of course there are the poor, spiteful devils who work there. Past post office … Continue reading

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