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Winter in Northern Italy, a New Narrative

Annals of literature associate winter with hardship, depression and even fear. It’s a time to stock up, grit our teeth and hold out against the difficult season. It’s our melancholy spirit, muted like laughter against the snow. We see winter as something to be tolerated until that first burst … Continue reading

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Summertime in Ohio

It’s summertime! Here the weather has significantly warmed, the pool is set up and our summer plans are being finalized. I just wrapped up my first full year of teaching and though I have some articles to write and private … Continue reading

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Greek Restaurants in Central Ohio – That One Time I Tried To Try Them All

My high school boyfriend and I liked Greek food. Or, at least the Americanized Greek food that features a lamb or chicken gyro with french fries. If you especially know your stuff you might know about falafel or baklava, at … Continue reading

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The Dogs of Monza

I come from the suburbs of Ohio: Open yards, lawns that are separated only by a skinny, concrete slab of driveway, tricycles and dads in the yards tinkering on something to ‘keep the house running.’ It’s this beautiful concept of … Continue reading

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