Moving into Our New House, in Numbers

I’ve always been quick to acclimate to change.

For new situations, new locations or, in this case, new homes, I ride my emotional roller coaster then move on, taking the change as a normality.

It’s officially been a week since our move to the new house and though I already feel like the queen of the castle my body and mind have yet to fully relax from the rat race that was the construction of the house. It was a process, a very stressful, very new process that still has my brain whirling! So in true From Italy fashion (See: Parent’s Visit, Year in Italy and Teaching Small Children posts) let’s check out the numbers:

16: months spent in our little, beautiful apartment in Monza, our first.

6: months spent remodeling and working on the new place

12: average hours worked on the weekends

5: different estimates for kitchens

1,091: different ceramic tile options

3: average time per hour someone asked me something I was completely unqualified to answer. “What color do I want the light switch covers? Um, What color do most people choose?”

2: average times I asked what most people do…

53: new words – at least! – learned in Italian (molding, varnish, those light covers that aren’t hanging but more flat-like whose name I don’t even know in English.)

5: hours spent choosing five lamps – are you kidding me?!

1: 9-foot tall bookshelf to clear, clean, take down then reassemble.

7: possible respiratory diseases I now have from the dust of said bookshelf.

2 out of 3: times the conversation was innocently changed to the new house. “That ice cream place is really good.” – “oh yeah? I wonder if there is a good ice cream place in Sovico. Where there’s my new house. Did you know I’m moving?”

17: times per month one or the other of us had a breakdown in Ikea. Get lost? Curl in the fetal position in the closet and wardrobe section, someone will find you eventually.

I know Ikea's rat maze like the back of my hand (take the shortcut in rugs!)

3: times we called our couch-man. His final response? “Oh yeah, your bed will be here by the end of the month.”

6: months it took of similar responses to learn to just shrug my shoulders and know that someway or another I’ll get my couch.

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7 Responses to Moving into Our New House, in Numbers

  1. journeyfiles says:

    Familiar situation but looking back it’s all fun ;)

  2. Gina says:

    That’s great to hear! I hope you find it useful, or at the very least interesting! What part are you moving to?

  3. Gina Peart says:

    Great post Gina Marie! I love your blogs “in numbers”. You make me laugh! xo

  4. Uncle Scott says:

    So what’s your new house number?

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