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Photo Essay: Love in Italy

Italy is a land of love. From the balconies of Verona (the Italian city of Love), the canals of Venice, the grottos of southern Italy or simply the park near my back yard, the land is just damn romantic. It’s … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: The Balconies of Spello

Like I mentioned before, I spent all of my time in Spello (which, unfortunately, wasn’t much) simply walking around, taking in the gray and pink brick, the beautiful staircases and, to my surprise, the even more beautiful balconies. Don’t get me wrong, … Continue reading

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Spello – The Most Beautiful Village in Italy

We were in Verona visiting an art exhibit with some friends the first time I had ever heard of Spello. We were at a stand buying an easy-clean tablecloth. The man and his wife were basically retired when they decided … Continue reading

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That Time I Went to Mantova Just to Eat Lunch

Mantova, or Mantua in English, is a tiny medieval city in Lombardy, on the border with Veneto. Ruled for decades by the rich Gonzaga family, the city is a gem with a lot to offer a cultural traveler. I, however, was … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: The Grand Ole Opry

Nashville, Tennessee is often called Music City and The Home of Country Music – but when did it start? How did it get its reputation? From the Grand Ole Opry. Though folk music and, thus, country music is an intrinsic part of Nashville’s history, its … Continue reading

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