Photo Essay: Love in Italy

Italy is a land of love.

From the balconies of Verona (the Italian city of Love), the canals of Venice, the grottos of southern Italy or simply the park near my back yard, the land is just damn romantic. It’s as easy to find love on the peninsula as it is beauty. Check out some of the love I’ve found during my travels.

IMG_1883IMG_4821IMG_1868IMG_2386 IMG_4745


So public displays of affection? Completely ok. From the 13 year olds who wait for the bus outside of their middle school to the 70 year old couple who never drop each other’s hands, here there’s nothing wrong with showing you care.

Being in Italy has taught me to really notice the beauty around me, and to always express my love.


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3 Responses to Photo Essay: Love in Italy

  1. augustmacgregor says:

    Beautiful to see all this love shown :)

  2. Lyn says:

    Just what the world needs. Love. Lots of love. Nice post

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