How to be an Italian

While I’m always hesitant for such sweeping statements about an entire culture and ethnicity, if you’re interested in a sort of How To Be an Italian Guide for Dummies, this would be a good start.

Be an Italian

(found via pinterest, of course)


Espresso is a way of life, food is important (it truly is all about prosciutto) and those expressions are very useful, but I wouldn’t say Nutella can be a substitute (each food has it’s own use) and not all pasta is made from scratch. There’s egg pasta, and then regular pasta. The egg pasta is the one that can be made from scratch, but I wouldn’t say it’s all that common when you can buy damn good egg pasta for very, very cheap at the store.

I do, however, have more than one friend with those exact same yellow glasses. ha!

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5 Responses to How to be an Italian

  1. gypsyinjeans says:

    What a fun read! Thanks for sharing :-D

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  3. I love making pasta fresca at home with the eggs from my chickens and organic stone-ground flour. You can even make other kinds of pasta using just water and flour (like where I am in Palestrina where they make gnocchetti ‘a coda de soreca’ which could perhaps translate as ‘rat tail’ pasta, due to the shape of the pasta, not the sauce on top!) or pasta like gnocchi which is made with boiled potatoes and flour…Sadly I think the majority of people today buy their pasta from a store.

    • Gina says:

      Homegrown eggs and organic flour? Sign me up! Since I’m still learning, I usually just stick with pappardelle and classic gnocchi, but I’ll have to add gnocchetti a coda de soreca to my must-try list!

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