My Year in Italy, in Numbers

After my first year living in Italy, I think a bit of reflection is always useful. You know like, how is my relationship with Italy after a year? How has it changed? Does she still love me?!

But a lot has happened and digging in to the nitty gritty (of couuuurse she still loves me…right?!) would take a trained professional – more than years of Catholic school and a journalism degree can provide. So instead, after a one-way ticket, 52 weeks, 365 days and nearly 11 months before I had a visit back home, we’ll break down my year in Italy by the numbers:

5: hours I sat at the Italian questura (immigration office)

24: karat gold wedding ring

12: new immediate family members added

15: total days that my parents were able to come to visit, see my apartment, finally meet my in-laws and get a glimpse of my life in Italy!


6: years of life lost from the stress of said visit

56: total hours half-heartedly spent trying to grasp Italian politics … It didn’t work.

1: book translated from Italian to English

456: new Italian words added to my vocabulary (probabilmente)

6: number of houseguests we’ve had from America

1355: times I’ve been frustrated about something I can’t control here – emooootions

25: houseplants we’ve had total

8: that are still alive

Don't be fooled by the pretty picture, most of those plants died instantly...

Don’t be fooled by the pretty picture, most of those plants died instantly…

2 lbs: average amount of carbs per week I’ve added to my diet

156: bottles of wine bought and happily finished

75: cones of gelato eaten total

223.7: miles ran (gotta burn off those carbs somehow! and the gelato…and the wine…)

12: cities in Italy visited in the past year

23,094,810: amount of pictures taken

2: international trips taken, to Budapest and back home for Christmas

100: percent chance we’d escape to the mountains any chance we can get! (Escape to the Mountains Part 1 and Part 2)


4: stitches put in my left thumb after an incident with a Swiss army knife in the mountains

2: dozen times I’ve gotten lost in my own, or a nearby city

45,000: minutes spent on calls to the U.S.

3: times I fought with someone in public for staring too much. Damn Italians.

592: square footage of the apartment

365: days spent in said apartment. tiiiiiiinnnyyy

2: beautiful balconies of apartment

671: number of weird stink bugs I’ve killed in our house. (The number is unrepresentative because the rest I made Marco kill)

4: seasons

1092381092: hours of rain this year

9: articles published

133: students I’ve taught or still teach in the past year

408: average times I’ve been sneezed on this year (based off of my per-day calculation in “Teaching Small Children” and multiplied by the time I’ve been working with small children)

3: existential crises I have per week (I’m graduated, what?! What will I do with my life, what should I be doing, why are there no jobs, everything’s changed who aaaaaam I?)

97: percent of recent grads who read that and feel the same^ (the rest of you are weird.)

1.5: average times per week I get a bomb-ass dinner or lunch from my in-laws.

1.3: average times per week said dinner helps the previously mentioned existential crises

3: average times per day I don’t know what language I’m using

2: average times per day that^ doesn’t help me

365: days per year I think about my niece and nephew

13: average times per month I wish living here could be as easy as living is back home

23: average times per month I feel overwhelmingly thankful that I do live here!

And here's to many more years ahead!

And here’s to many more years ahead!

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2 Responses to My Year in Italy, in Numbers

  1. Gina Peart says:

    Oh Ginamarie, TOO FUNNY!!! the comment bout the stress, the plants, the bugs, the sneezes! Honey how you make me laugh. Love the pictures too. Miss you so much!!!! xoxo

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