How to Make a Perfect Cappuccino at Home

They say Italian is the language of music, opera, art and love. I’d add that it’s also the language of coffee. If the sweet, delicious, dark nectar of the gods isn’t quite idolized here, it is definitely molto apprezzato, very appreciated. Not to mention that our current coffee lexicon has basically been replaced with the Italian terms. Grande caffè latte anyone?

While the nuances, customs and varieties of Italian caffè would require an entire post, here I’d just like to share the simple but sophisticated cappuccino. The quiet morning savior for many of us, me included, is made with espresso and foamed milk – with emphasis on the foam.

In Italy at-home coffee can be made either from an espresso machine or the traditional moka, a stovetop espresso maker. Italians swear that the taste is different
and will religiously stick to their preferred method for the perfect cappuccino. Though you might not notice at first, the taste is slightly different and it’s well worth a try to see which you prefer!

This adorable video from Cross Pollinate is a great tutorial for making coffee with a moka and a great pick-me-up for a cold winter day.

Though it might seem like too much work for our impatient culture, the process of making coffee with a moka becomes like a morning meditation, a ritual that helps you wake up as much as the caffeine does. Italian coffee is delicious because it is made with precision and care, so take a cue from the Italians when making your morning cappuccino and you can be sure that no matter how everyday a cup of coffee is, yours will be enjoyed every day!

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