Photo Essay: Hiking Torcola 2000

Spending a weekend up in Piazzatorre, Marco and I found just enough bel tempo to go for a hike. Mentioned before, Torcola is the peak right above our mountain home and our go-to hike. It’s a straight-up, no-nonsense walk that leads to an opening among the trees known as Torcola.

Though I’m more than familiar with the walk, the fall leaves offered a new scenery for me, and the spontaneous invitation for a coffee from a cabin we passed was even newer! Truly being able to watch the seasons change and enjoy it among good company in fresh mountain air is a perfect way to spend any weekend. So whether the weather is hot, cold, snowy or rainy where you are, I invite you to join in on our classic hike and enjoy autumn in northern Italy from the bottom of the mountain to the top!


Torcola 2000, the 1,840 meter hike


There are various routes, but the most direct features this relatively new concrete road, later giving way to dirt path








One step at a time



Snow already covered much of the ground closer to the top



Even on a cloudy day, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of the view from the top

Visibility wasn’t great, but the weather was ideal and the hike well-known and relaxing. Once there we plopped down for lunch and enjoyed the view!

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