My Parents Visit, in Numbers


6: months since I’d seen my parents last

13: hours of travel

1: layover

4,428: approximate miles flown (3,845.7 nautical miles)

4: people in one apartment

1: bedroom in said apartment

592: square footage of the apartment

12: approximate amount of lemonade packets made

9: cities visited (Monza, Milan, Piazzatorre, Bergamo Alta, Bellagio, Como, Florence, Rome, San Gimignano)

22: conversations my non-Italian-speaking parents had in Italian

3: days in the mountains

6,562: approximate feet above sea level at the San Marco’s pass

92˚F: average temperature during their stay

7: hours to drive to Rome

5: number of speeding tickets that we still might get in the mail

2.5: average miles walked per day (total guess, but it was a lot of walking!)

5: cones of gelato eaten on average (per person)

3: pounds gained by me (I think more by Marco…)

18213237135: number of people in the Vatican Museums while we were there

5: times per day I reminded mom that her phone doesn’t work without wifi. (No mom, you can’t text Nicole now, it won’t work unless you’re at the apartment)

2: times I fought with my parents per day (at least)

15: total days that my parents were here to visit me, see my apartment, finally meet my parents-in-laws and get a glimpse of my life in Italy.

The numbers don’t lie: It was a busy, tiring two weeks. We accomplished a lot but more importantly we were able to spend some time together, something that’s always important, especially because of the last number:

4.5: months until I’ll see my parents again!

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11 Responses to My Parents Visit, in Numbers

  1. Renee says:

    Love it! Cant wait to see you when you’re home! xoxoxo

  2. Jensen says:

    I just cried. I love you all!

  3. Gina Peart says:

    How wonderful! Such a funny post!!! Loved all the pictures your parents brought over! Can’t wait to see you and Marco. Much love, Aunt Gina

  4. Nicole Hobson says:

    I will put money down that the “Italian conversation” that your non-Italian Speaking parents had were actually said in Spanish. xoxo

    • Gina says:

      haha that, or usually they’d just respond in English and dad would say “si si” and the others would nod and continue ahahah they’d have whole conversations before I realized and jumped in to translate

  5. What an amazing post! What an amazing way to tell people about one of the best things in life: having our parents around! :) Congratulations for the blog!

    • Gina says:

      Thanks Thatiana! It has been a long time since I’d seen them and I was thrilled! Of course travel and parents visits can have its ups and downs, but that’s what makes it the best!

      • I completely agree with you! The up and downs just add to the amount of adventure we have together with them :) And the truth is that we are really lucky to have them around :)

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