Snapshots of Freiburg

Snapshots of Freiburg, Germany: A look into the jewel of the Black Forest.

Highlights include:

1. Freiburg Bächle
Roughly translated as “little streams” these are one of the cities most famous landmarks, found throughout the old city. Legend has it that if you accidentally step in one you will marry a Freiburger. (more)

2. Ruine Schneeburg
Ruins of a castle at the top of the Schönberg at 1693 feet. An easy and short hike from the Vauban district with an excellent view.

3. MarktHalle
Freiburg’s central market located in Münsterplatz.
Open every day except Sunday. (more)

4. Münster Cathedral
Started around 1200, it was one of the only buildings in the nearby area to not be destroyed by bombing in WWII.

*Others Not Shown:
5. Augustinerplatz
A central plaza where crowds of students gather to sit and drink on warm summer nights.

6. Schlossberg
A hill to the East of Freiburg 1,496 feet above sea level. The Schloßbergturm tower offers a nice view of the old city.

7. Schauinsland
A nearby mountain to literally translated as “look into the country.” You can hike to the top where there is a viewing tower or take the ski lift up. In the winter it’s great for skiing also.

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